It began with a little guy and a favor.

Last year I got the opportunity to go on a sailboat transport running from North Carolina to Florida and as a result I would be missing an upcoming art show. My daughter, Jess, who grew up doing shows with me, was willing to cover it for me and so I was off, foul weather gear and all.

Jess covered the bases for me and while doing so fell in love with this little guy,one of my artdolls who is listed in my etsy shop,

She asked me to make her one for her next birthday. It needed to be a girl clothed in pink with blonde hair and "glitz"! The summer flew by and I realized last week that I better get going on this new project.

I love how she turned out! What do you think?

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3 Responses

  1. Pattee Says:

    She's adorable!!! I can see how your daughter fell in love!

    I hope you had fun on your trek!