Gearing up for the Holidays

I have been really busy lately. Part is trying to get done work for my shop, but a lot is trying to get my holiday shopping done.

Alright I confess I am a bit strange when it comes to holiday shopping. I am usually done getting presents by early summer...I plan ahead.....way way way ahead. Hahahaha. I never enjoyed fighting with other people to get items the day before and things like that really stress me out, but alas this year I dont have my holiday shopping done and its November!!!!!

This holiday we are short on cash, so I am making the majority of my gifts. Here is my first completed gift.

I finally finished this gift! Woohoo. I crocheted up some leftover yarn (teal, white, and green) and then used some other extra yarn to weave in through the crochet. I overdyed the whole scarf teal. The end result makes the scarf look woven and have an interesting design. The pattern is super easy too!

I also think this would look super cool with a bunch of leftover yarns in a bunch of colors, but this was all I was working with.

Now I am working on another scarf in forest green with the shifting sands pattern I got off of Ravelry!

I hope your holiday shopping goes well and here are few items that may make your shopping a lot more enjoyable! I really love these items and I think they would make great gifts for your loved ones.

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2 Responses
  1. Julie Beck Says:

    maybe in the summer we should do a "Get your Xmas shopping done early with Arts In RI" show?

    I would LOVE to be done that early. i normally give handmade gits all around every year but this year may be a Gift Card Xmas. too bad there aren't etsy gift cards

  2. yeah we should totally do a get your xmas shopping done early show. i think that would be soooooo awesome!