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Recently, I was informed that I was accepted into the Twist show in Northampton, MA. SO exciting! Only problem? You only get a 6 foot table to display your stuff on! I am used to having a 10 foot by 10 foot area with 2 tables and 3 grid-wall panels. A 6 foot table is a MAJOR decrease in available real-estate!

Inspired by HeatherJeany, I decided to build my own stair-type display in order to show my small paintings. Here is a pic of her cool display:

I wanted something that only took up only a portion of my table space so that I could still show some larger 12 by 12 paintings on the table lying flat.

There was a LARGE used piece of thick foam-core at work that has sat there for years. It had silver spray paint on it, adhesive from it's initial use and was all banged up. For some reason it was never thrown away, but I'm glad it wasn't because it made such a great display. This is 12 inches deep, each stair is 3 inches deep to accommodate my 1.5 inch paintings, and each stair is 7 inches high...making it a grand total of 24 inches high.

What do you think?
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5 Responses
  1. i think it looks great! i thought of a way for me to do this and i think im going to make some modular origami standy things.

  2. Kristin Says:

    Wow, looks awesome! Congrats on getting into Twist!

  3. Great work!!! lookin good

  4. I think HeatherJeany is a great person to be inspired by! And your display looks fantastic, but the art is what really shines, so A+ !

  5. Lauren Says:

    Very nice! Good luck at the show.