I got caught in a Stamp-ede

I can't explain my current obsession, maybe it's because i've been doing nothing but eating, sleeping and sewing bags for all the shows I've ill-advisedly signed up for this summer/fall. It's a fun and addictive diversion. That and the wine. Which I dont' recommend doing simultaneously. Aside from really crappy stamps, sharp tools and X-acto knives require a high level of manual dexterity, obviously best wielded in the most sober of conditions. So I've been carving stamps, and stamping bags. Lingerie and shoe bags which should be up in my shop soon once I am happy with the final design. I originally started off with this really soft rubber which crumbled whilst attempting to carve detail. A trip to the RISD art store remedied this problem in the form of blocks that carve like buttah. I've got to tweak the design a bit and find a better way to apply the fabric paint to the stamp, maybe a brayer? I used a brush, and it got kind of splotchy and blotchy, so I'll just have to keep these bags for myself. Won't I feel so together when I pack for my next trip with proper shoe/lingerie bags?

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4 Responses
  1. I think they look great! Carving stamps sounds like hard work. How about a martini for the bikini?

  2. phriendlyk8 Says:

    o yes, a brayer will work wonderfully, and do you have a carving tool? like a "U" shaped one? I make these with my students ALL the time! They love it! only one injury thus far.

  3. I love using potato stamps, easy to carve and so much fun, just not for large production, however, it will keep in the fridge for a few days. To add the color I used a sponge that I bought at. Utrecht. Hope it helps!

  4. Kristin Says:

    Definitely use a brayer. These look awesome!