Im Back

Hahaha bet you didnt know I was even gone!

Last week I was farm sitting for a friend who has alpacas. What are alpacas? Well here is a pic of a farm close to the one that I was sitting for that just had two new baby alpacas.

What I had to do was get up and feed them, give them water, scoop beans (poop), feed chickens, feed dogs, walk dogs, check kitties, and anything else twice a day. It was a lot of fun, but I only wish it was cooler last week!

Unfortunately due to my being away my shop has not had any new items. So what have I been working on? Well this merino.

Okay okay it looks pretty confusing...well it is! Hahhahaah I heard of Navajo plying and thought I would give it a try. So what you do is make a really long single ( I did 4 ounces worth). This part seemed to take me forever....probably 20 hours. Then you put on a new bobbin and Navajo ply it! It is like hand crocheting, so you get a 3 ply yarn from a single! I could not have made a 3 ply yarn the traditional way because I only have a total of 3 bobbins, and being how expensive bobbins are I did not really want to buy another one. So this was great!

Well I didnt stop there. I Navajo plied the whole single. Then I took off half onto another bobbin and spun the two together. So now its a 6 ply! holy cow~! I was pretty excited about my first 6 ply. So now I can make a 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, and 12 plied yarn! Pretty cool!

The yarn is a 64 ct merino. So it isnt super soft, but it is super squishy. I hand dyed the roving in blue and brown. Now I just have to think of something to make with it. Maybe inside shoes?
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  1. Gorgeous yarn, makes me want winter to come!