A Good Mom

Arts in RI team members decided to creatively challenge one another to come up with Mother's Day themed items and post them for you on our blog. We will be running a contest between now and midnight May 9th. All you have to do to enter our contest is leave a comment for the artist about the creation and you will be entered into a random drawing for a basket of handmade goods made by Arts In RI members. You can leave a comment every time we post a new item for multiple chances of winning! We are also offering the winner the option of having the winning basket sent directly to his or her mother if they so choose!

The next Mother's Day item is hot off the torch from The Venerable Bead. Paula made this Mother's Day themed skeleton key necklace as a statement for all the "good Mom's" out there who know the balance between limits and unlimited love. Paula says of her creation: "Being a good Mother is hard. It's the hardest job I have ever had but also the most satisfying. I don't always get it right but I try my best each day to find that balance between protecting, limiting, releasing, and unconditionally loving the most special little beings I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Sometimes the responsibility is awesome but as luck would have it so are the rewards!"

Paula's necklace features a lampwork bead in bright orange built directly on the shaft of a vintage skeleton key. She uses watch parts and other found objects along with beads and crystals to make a piece filled with nostalgia and forgotten times but updated for today's hippest fashion looks. For the modern Mom who enjoys a steampunk aesthetic.

Please leave comments for Paula here on the blog and you will be entered to win a Mother's day basket filled with handmade goodies from our Arts In RI team. The drawing will be on Mother's Day!
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12 Responses
  1. Chris Says:

    This is definitely an interesting piece - I love the steampunk edge. I don't know how my mom would react to it, but she would definitely appreciate the uniqueness.

    I think this is the perfect gift for the modern mom.


  2. This necklace is amazing! My wonderful mom would look stunning in it! She adores jewelry!


  3. Pattee Says:

    What a beautiful giveaway~ It's wonderful!
    Pat (a mom: )

  4. I just love this piece. I agree with your description of motherhood. It is the hardest job in the world, but well worth the efforts.

  5. swipxa-etsy Says:

    I have some great GIFT for mom

  6. Another great piece from Venbead! I especially love the color of the bead on the key. I agree, this is a great gift for a modern mom.

  7. lisa b. Says:

    Paula makes the most awesome necklaces! I love her creations! This team is overflowing with talent! I can always shop from the members and get in plenty of trouble with no guilt! LOL ( crookedmoon is another addiction of mine!) Go Rhode Island!

  8. Joy Says:

    I really like that, I cant be more descriptive of why, I just do

  9. Louise Says:

    Really different...I love it!! spiffyspooner

  10. Megan Says:

    I remember being enchanted with the Venerable Bead's work at the Foundry Show this past year -- there's something about keys that just speaks to me - what forgotten treasures could be unlocked? I love the way this necklace combines old and new elements for a truly unique look! Thanks from Megan at Apiary Designs - apiarydesigns@yahoo.com

  11. Vince Says:

    I think this is the perfect gift for the modern mom.


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  12. Vince Says:

    I think this is the perfect gift for the modern mom.


    Save OVER 50% for 3 months,Save $21/mo for an Entire Year!* on your Favorite Channels