Warm My Heart

Arts In RI team members decided to creatively challenge one another to embrace the season of love with Valentine themed products. Between now and Valentine's Day we will share some of these "lovely" designs with you here on our blog. Let us know how you feel about our art by leaving a comment. Everyone who leaves a comment will be entered into a random drawing for an Arts In RI gift basket featuring goodies from many of our shops. (one entry per person per post. In other words you can enter once every time we post a new product!!!) Be sure to check back on the blog on Valentine's Day as we will announce the winner that day. Entries will be accepted until midnight February 13th.

Our next Valentine product is an MP3 player sweater in vivid red hand knit by Kristin Crane of KristinCrane. Valentine's Day isn't just about hearts, it's also about staying warm! (At least here in Rhode Island.) Don't let your iPod get chilly while it's playing all those love songs on the 14th. Kristin said of her creation: "This little sweater was inspired by Irish Aran sweaters. It was hand knit with an interesting cable pattern, and is a washable bright red wool. It fits the classic iPod perfectly."

Let us know how you feel about Kristin's sweet sweater by leaving a comment and we will enter you in a random drawing for a gift basket filled with goodies created by the members of Arts In RI. Check back here on Valentine's day for the winner.
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13 Responses
  1. That is a beautiful color! I am just learning to knit, hopefully someday I can make something that cool. Only hats now. :( Love it!

  2. Great color perfect for Valentines Day! I am SO knitting challenged!

  3. Andi Says:

    That's a lovely cozy, I like the color.

  4. Great color! I'm learning to knit too. I like things like this and lipstick holders too. A very creative idea.

  5. Bri Says:

    This is really cute, and I love the idea that it's washable. I don't know how you manage to do cables on something that small, but props to you!

  6. What a yummy little thing. It makes me feel cozy just looking at it!

  7. This is very unique. Love the warm color!

  8. rimaak Says:

    Beautiful! Love the color and the pattern!

  9. Marigold Says:

    I love the color! Perfect for the season. I also took the liberty of shuffling around Kristin's etsy shop, and I've definitely fallen for your travel journals. What a beautiful excuse to hit the road.


  10. Ronnie Says:

    Wouldn't want our little player to get a chill!! Really cute.

  11. Celeste Says:

    Love this - great idea.

    contact me at:

  12. CathyH Says:

    Not just the cold, but protects the screen from a bad fall or hit..and it's pretty!

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Great color perfect for Valentines Day!



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