Snow Angel In Love

Arts In RI team members decided to creatively challenge one another to embrace the season of love with Valentine themed products. Between now and Valentine's Day we will share some of these "lovely" designs with you here on our blog. Let us know how you feel about our art by leaving a comment. Everyone who leaves a comment will be entered into a random drawing for an Arts In RI gift basket featuring goodies from many of our shops. (one entry per person per post. In other words you can enter once every time we post a new product!!!) Be sure to check back on the blog on Valentine's Day as we will announce the winner that day. Entries will be accepted until midnight February 13th.

Our next Valentine product comes to you from the sewing room of Katelyn Safford of PhriendlyK8. It's a sweet dress that Katelyn has upcycled from an older garment. Katelyn says of her creation: "This dress was inspired by and created using a beautiful skirt that I was lucky enough to pick up at a thrift store. The skirt was so soft and elegant that I felt I could give it a new life by turning it into a beautiful dress. I love creating something new from something seemingly discarded. I feel that every piece of clothing has a voice and a story, and now this dress has two stories." The dress is beautiful and romantic. It's perfect for Valentine's Day but understated enough for everyday! Katelyn looks adorable modeling the dress too.

Let us know how you feel about Katelyn's creation by leaving a comment here on the blog and you will be entered to win a basket of goodies made by the Arts IN RI members. Leave a comment every time we post a new product for multiple chances of winning. Don't forget to check back here on Valentine's day when we announce the winner.
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22 Responses
  1. How sweet, I love the sunflower skirt!

  2. NewYorkMemos Says:

    wow it's really pretty. Very nice and enviornmental ^_^ Great Job!


  3. Celeste Says:

    Really cute.

    contact me at:

  4. Chloe Says:

    Love this - darling!

  5. rimaak Says:

    Adorable dress - like the way the skirt swings!

  6. Emily Says:

    That's a lovely dress! I love clothing that's been recycled into new creations.


  7. Marigold Says:

    What an adorable design! Dresses like this always remind me of summer carnivals and cotton candy goodness. Of course, all that seems so distant, what with the eight inches of snowfall we just received.


  8. Eco-friendly and so pretty!
    The skirt has such a lovely swing to it, and the heart is adorable!

  9. Gloria Says:

    Wow! this is really cool.

  10. Lori Says:

    I love the design that's on the dress. Great job.

  11. Joy Says:

    Cute. All we need is the weather to wear it. (UK reader!)

  12. Caitee A Says:

    Wow I love the dress! The back is super pretty and romantic looking. Great work Katelyn!

  13. Andi Says:

    Really pretty and perfect for valentine's!

  14. Teri.p Says:

    So pretty! Reminds me of a dress I had in high school.

  15. Sena Says:

    Cute dress!

  16. It's a very fun and summery dress. Great job.

  17. Bri Says:

    I love how unabashedly girly this is!

  18. This eco-friendly dress is very pretty!

  19. Ronnie Says:

    Adorable! Beautiful for Spring.

  20. CathyH Says:

    This dress is so pretty! I admire your sewing talent!