Personalize It with custom gifts!

What’s the secret to finding unique gifts for family and friends? Easy, give handmade custom or personalized gifts made for you by talented AiRI members! It is possible to find affordable, beautiful, handmade, one of a kind gifts custom made for your most special person. A personalized custom gift is extraordinary and tells the recipient you love them. Here's a few ideas to help you personalize your holiday gift giving.
How about a custom house painting. JulieBCreative will paint a portrait of your home or your gift recipients home and will double the gift by donating 20% of the cost to Habitat for Humanity!
For the music lover in your life, you can order personalized mixtape notes from HeatherJeany who offers not only personalized text, but color too!
For the nature lover, fantasy fanatic, or very special someone, ElysianFields will create a personalized custom nature's spirit pendant with a portrait painted from a photo you send her. You can even select the leaf shape of most significance to you.
PhriendyK8 will create a one of a kind custom dress for you. You decide on color, theme, applique patterns, and Kate will pull it all together into a gorgeous, one of a kind dress.
Got a passionate cook in your life, someone new to cooking? This the gift for them. I'll create a custom recipe box for you. You tell me color, theme, size and we go from there. Visit MalcolmStudioShop for ideas and to see completed custom boxes.

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