September STYLE FILE

Home Decor & Fine Art

In August, I promised a home decor style file and here it is. To be honest, this is only half of what I wanted to include. There's just an amazing array of wonderful home decor & fine art offered by the diverse and talented members of the Arts in RI team. The great news is that starting on October 1st, you can shop the full range of AiRI talent in one place, at the team's cooperative Etsy shop! Just go to

Home Decor clockwise from top:
SeaFind Designs Pull Chain,
Alamode Faux Bois Switch Plate, KristenCrane Pocket RI Journal, SteppingStone Beach Stone Vase, MalcolmStudioShop Upcycled Recipe Box, SickFeet Recycled Junk Box

Fine Art Clockwise from top:
juliebcreative original paining Autumn Sunset, dsbrennan fine art photograph Waiting for the Ferry, LaurenMinco Portrait of the Artist original painting, CrookedMoonMosaics Baby Sings the Blues mosaic guitar

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1 Response
  1. alamodestuff Says:

    All you need for home in one shop! Great post!