Seasonal Bliss - Apples!!

Hi everyone! I'm Diana of D. S. Brennan Photography, an art photographer and part-time wetland biologist. I dig nature, interior design, gardening, cooking, travel, reading, and of course art!

I'm excited to introduce a new series to the Arts in RI blog... "Seasonal Bliss". Once a month for the next six months Arts in RI will be hosting a giveaway - a free desktop wallpaper inspired by one of my favorite things about the season. (For personal use only, please.) To download your gift, click the image below to open it in a new page, then go to the file menu and "Save Page As" or right click and "Set as Desktop Wallpaper".

This past weekend I went apple-picking at one of the numerous orchards I am lucky enough to live near. I love this time of year - the crisp dry air, the crisp juicy apples... It makes me feel truly blessed to live in Rhode Island.

Love apples? Check out these items from Arts in RI members...

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6 Responses
  1. Julie Beck Says:

    diana this is such a great blog post!!!

  2. phriendlyk8 Says:

    LOVE it Diana! I can't wait to get home so I can put the wallpaper on my computer!

  3. alamodestuff Says:

    Gorgeous and great idea!!

    I'll add it to my blog sidebar under 'giveaways!'

    How nice to look forward to a change on my computer screen each month!!

  4. Tracy Says:

    Diana.... this is a FANTASTIC blog post!!! Thanks a bunch!

  5. Valerie Says:

    This is my favorite time of year. I love apples and just added your apples to my laptop...yum!

  6. wonderful idea and great post!