Arts In Ri makes a public appearance

This past weekend the Arts In RI peeps were out in full force. PhriendlyK8 and Malcom Studio were at the Providence Sustainability Festival, while HeatheryJeany, CrookedMoonMosaics, PinkLemonadeBoutique, DesignsByWendyT, and me (juliebcreative) were at the Providence Rotary Street paiting Festival. While it was quite chilly in the shade, we all stayed warm by goofing around the whole day and meeting great people.

While not every show can be a financial success, I like to think of the other things I got out of doing shows like this. The best of all, of course, if spending time with the Arts In RI members who I consider very close friends. We always have a great time and I love getting to know everyone better. Second of all, I love meeting so many new people. Some people who stop in my booth are people who know me from Etsy, but others are just discovering our work for the first time and it is a priceless thing to be able to talk to someone face to face about your art. I honestly believe people appreciate the work more when they know the face behind it.

Here are some pics of the fantastic (and widely varied) set ups for our booths:

Also, notice the silver car that was directly in front of our booths for the first couple hours of the show!
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