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As summer slowly winds down, August is typically quiet around town. Many families go away for vacation. If you’ve decided on a staycation this year and are looking for some local fun, then mark your calendars for these upcoming festivals:

Block Island Arts Festival, August 8 & 9. Held on the grounds of the historic Narragansett Inn, the backdrop for the festival couldn’t be more picturesque. This year’s participants include our very own Arts in RI artists, Lisa Calabro (Crooked Moon Mosaics) and Carol Mania (Lodestar Wovens) among many others.

Crooked Moon Mosiacs

Lodestar Wovens

Other shows just outside of Rhode Island:Cape Cod Fine Arts Festival, August 29 & 30 - HyannisSouthend Open Market, Sundays - August 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 - Boston
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