Fashioning Your Fall with Arts in RI!

i! I'm Karen of and I'm new to the Arts in RI team. To help me get to know my fellow team members and their gorgeous style and craftsmanship, I've compiled a series of style files that I'm excited to share with you. This month's style file is all about fall fashion. Fashioning your fall wardrobe is easy when there's such pure gorgeousness to choose from among the Arts in RI shops on Etsy! To find even more gorgeous goods, just search using the term artsinri team. Watch for my September post when I'll share my home decor style file with you.

1. Colored Glass Ring,
2. Sterling Earrings,
3. Skirt, Geometry Meets Organic,
4. Mosaic Ring,
5. Moss Moon Pendant,
6. Blueberry Ice Scarf,
7. Purse,
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6 Responses
  1. tracy Says:

    Karen.... great post and taste.... if I do say so myself!! What a great team Arts In RI is!!!

  2. Julie Beck Says:

    great post and great selections!!!

  3. Tanner Glass Says:

    love all your selections! And welcome to ArtsInRI!!!