Stop Twelve on our Etsy Rhode Trip: Delaware!

Sarah-Jane Designs

HT: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

SJD: My name is Elizabeth, and I design and make handbags part-time under the shop name Sarah-Jane Designs. I work Full-time for the federal government doing super-secret and uncreative things. I feel like 2 people sometimes. By day I am professional and work by the rules, and by evening I am creative. My life pretty much consists of work, making bags and spending time with my delightful film-maker/entrepreneur boyfriend of 2 and half years. Life is good in Delaware!

HT: How did you begin creating handbags?

SJD: I don't really remember. I have always loved fashion, fabric and bags. I suddenly had an idea, and before I knew it, I was churning bags out for people. I just loved it so much, I had to sell them to keep up the habit. It has been out of necessity that I make them.

HT: What aspects of your state inspire you?

SJD: Delaware is a small state, but there is a lot going on. There are a lot of creative people, beautiful scenery, and we are close enough to Philly and New York, that there are plenty of people and things to inspire. Delaware is the perfect mix of city and country which I really like because we can see lots of green, but not get cut off from culture.

HT: Have you ever been to Rhode Island?

SJD: I have always wanted to go to Rhode Island - I wanted to go to Rhode Island School of Design for a time, but never made it there. Perhaps a trip up north is in order!

HT: What are your favorite materials?

SJD: Fabric, fabric, fabric. I LOVE dupioni silk because of its variegated colors and texture. I also love anything with a pattern or texture. I just love fabric! I am a nerd.

HT: What is your favorite color?

SJD: Uhhh...every color? I don't think there is a bad color, however, I am partial to pink, green and lavender.

HT: What is your favorite item in your shop?

SJD: Right now, my favorite item is The Simpleton in Black and Cream. It is a simple bag, hence the name, and it has a beautiful pattern. It feels substantial and heavy, which I enjoy in a bag as well.

HT: Are there any items on Etsy that you are currently coveting?

SJD: You have to see my favorites is overflowing. I covet so many things, I can't possibly narrow it down to one. I have to empty my Paypal account so I don't 'accidentally' buy beautiful things. I think there are just so many talented people on Etsy, its ridiculous!

HT: As spring approaches, what are you goals for the season?

SJD: My main goal is to make lots and lots of beautiful bags. I just got a consignment order from a boutique in Colorado, and I would also like to pursue more relationships with boutiques in Delaware and beyond.

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  1. merry Says:

    Smart move including Elizabeth as your Delaware designer. She is fantastic and going to be huge.