March Featured Member - SeaFind Designs

This month we're featuring the lovely and talented Tracy Prince of SeaFind Designs. Definitely browse through her shop. Tracy's personality shines through in her work and in her descriptions!!


DB: Give us a little background on yourself.

TP: My name is Tracy Prince! I'm married to Matt, but I call him my boyfriend! Never stop treating him like a boyfriend! I have two awesome kiddies!! Matt is 14, he is the next Stephen Spielburg and Emma is 11, she is the next Marie Severin (comic book artist). We are originally from Boston, but now call the great state of Rhode Island our home!!

DB: When did you first become interested in your art form?

TP: Like it says in my bio, I first discovered sea glass while visiting my grandmother in Puerto Rico. I was nine years old! I then rediscovered it about 15 years later when my husband found some pieces for me on a beach in Mexico! I've always thought outside the box, have never been much of a diamond gal, so I decided to start making jewelry from my finds!!

DB: What inspires you?

TP: Chaos!! My mind NEVER ever stops going!! ADHD it does an artist good!! My studio/kitchen is such a mess, but that's where all of my ideas come from. Most times I'll randomly lay a stone or a piece of glass down on top of something and think "Dang!! They look good together!!"

DB: Does living in Rhode Island influence your work in any way?

TP: My work could not exsist if it weren't for the historical coastline of Rhode Island! No oceans inland!! Sea glass is getting harder and harder to locate these days! I'm glad so much of Rhode Island is yet discovered!!

DB: What techniques do you use the most in your work?

TP: Simple wire wrapping! I've been experimenting with carved bezels! I realized how much more I loved carving things, which inspired me to start my second website . I am really enjoying coming up with new ideas for them!!

DB: What do you find most challenging in your work?

TP: Competition is one thing! When I first started on Etsy, there were only about three other sea glassers, now there are at least thirty of them!! There were only about 830 items listed in the Seaglass category, now there is over 4000!! Ughhh!! Plus, like I said, sea glass is becoming rarer and rarer these days!! Thankfully beach stones will always be there for me!!

DB: How did you find Etsy?

TP: Through shows I've done in Boston!! I think it was Danielle Maveal (Etsy Admin.) who turned me on to it or it could have been Amy of Amy Olsen Jewelry!! I can't remember which!

DB: Apart from your Etsy work, what do you do?

TP: Hmmm.... don't forget about the ADHD!! I am a Medical Secretary for the Kent Hospital ER, I am a Medical Assistant, I am a licensed Aesthetician (skin care therapist) I am a licensed film and theater Makeup Artist, and I have worked as a Stand-up Comedian! Ahhhh.... breathe!!

DB: What's your favorite place in Rhode Island?

TP: The beach!!! But don't ask me which one...... that's a secret!
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