Stop Eight on our Etsy Rhode Trip: Maryland!

One of the many things I love about Etsy, is that you can literally find a handmade version of everything you need. Spa Therapy's bath and beauty products look so yummy and luxurious!

Spa Therapy

HT: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

ST: My name is Jussara and I live on the beautiful Chesapeake Bay in Maryland with my wonderful husband, 2 loud birds and a spoiled puppy. I was born and raised in the beautiful country of Brazil, and even after years living here, my tropical blood still has a hard time adjusting to these cold winters.

HT: How did you find out about Etsy?

ST: I read about it on a message board I used to belong to. (Don’t have time for it anymore) Once I clicked on the link to Etsy, I was hooked, and I never looked back.

HT: How did you get into the world of Bath and Beauty?

ST: I always had a fascination for beauty products and I've been making my own skin products for over 16 years now. I started out making facial scrubs, masks and such when I was just a teenage. I have always loved spa treatments and having a massage therapist/esthetician as a mom, the desire to work creating products to pamper, relax, and rejuvenate for an at-home spa just came naturally, and so Spa Therapy Works was born.

HT: Do you find it difficult to compete with “chain” B&B manufacturers?

ST: I actually don’t even consider them as competitors. Handmade bath and body products are on a different level. The amount of thickeners, detergents, solvents, and stabilizers found in many of these commercial products just make them so much more inferior than my products, which are handmade with love and abundance of natural ingredients.

HT: On a related note, what are some of the upsides to buying from a small, handmade B&B shop such as yourself?

ST: At Spa Therapy Works, everything is made in small batches to assure quality and freshness. I offer spa quality bath and body products that are all about pampering and relaxation to create and maintain healthy and beautiful skin, using skin-loving, detergents-free ingredients with no harsh chemicals. I love what I do and I'm dedicated to creating the finest handmade bath and body products, and this dedication is reflected in every product item I sell.

HT: What aspects of your state inspire you?

ST: Oh, it has to be the water! Strolling down the promenade along the pristine Susquehanna River, surrounded by nature is the perfect setting to get inspiration from. It’s so relaxing and beautiful!

HT: What is the nicest feedback you have ever received for your shop?

ST: Oh that’s a hard one. I have many wonderful return customers that have left really amazing feedbacks. It’s so rewarding to hear that the things you made actually made a difference in someone’s life. One email I’ll never forget came from, my first return customer. She has extremely sensitive skin and my goat’s milk soaps worked so wonderfully on her skin that she wrote at least 3 blog entries about them.

HT: Have you ever visited Rhode Island?

ST: No, I haven’t but I’d love to one day.

HT: Do you have a favorite item in your shop?

ST: I do. It’s the Cinnamon Sugar whipped body frosting, followed by the Decadent Chocolate Scrub. I love how sweet, and soothing they make me feel.

HT: Tell us one surprising fact about you.

ST: Um…..I don’t like to work with beeswax. I do, but I don’t like it. It’s so hard to clean it off my pots!

HT: What is your favorite scent?

ST: This changes a lot as I’m always looking out for new oil blends, but right now my favorite scent is a blend of Ginger Lemon and Sage. So much so that I have created a few products in this scent.

HT: What is your biggest Etsy goal for 2008?

ST: I don’t really have a set goal for 2008. It’s been so amazing that I just want to continue to expand my products line and my business.

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3 Responses
  1. Julie Beck Says:

    i need to check out her shop, those sound fantastic!

  2. bigib Says:

    Wow... Congrats Jussara...

  3. Harmony Says:

    I just bought a couple things from her - her stuff just looks to good to resist! Can't wait to get to try it out!