Etsy RAIN (Seattle) and Arts in RI

The Arts In RI team and the Etsy Rain team are teaming up for some cross promotion. I am really excited about this because there are some really talented people on the team. Etsy Rain is based out of Seattle, so they're a local team as well.

is one member of this group. She has some uber-unique items.

especially for Valentines Day.

This info from her bio really tells a tale of someone who loves what they do:

"I've been doing crafty stuff of one sort or another since I was a kid. My mom has always been very crafty, and she would let us play around with some of her leftover materials. I started cross-stitching very young, and sewing soon after that. I learned to crochet several years ago, and yarn has since taken over my life."

Check out her shop!
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2 Responses
  1. Kayce Says:

    Dawn (AKA - Scarywhitegirl) makes awesome things! I've been telling everyone to check out her hats! They are great - I own 4 or 5 them!

  2. Seattle loves our Scarywhitegirl! Yay Dawn!