Oh, the colors of California....

Just got back from a wonderful trip visiting family and friends in California and I couldn't help but take too many photographs of all the luscious colors out there. In LA we experienced some rain, some smog and then of course three beautiful sunny days in the eighty's.

Leaving there and heading for San Francisco we saw scenes like this unfold before our eyes. We wandered up the coast at a pretty slow pace. Pacific Coast highway is very winding and high on the cliffs so I got teased alot about how all the leaning I was doing didn't have much effect on keeping the car on the road. Oh, well, we made it there anyway, leaning or not!

Checked out the aquarium in Monterey and WOW!

Talk about color combinations!

Then we visited an artist friend who lives way up in the foothills of Gold country and got some time to spend poking around her studio, tasting fine wine, and exploring the town of Sutter Creek. I hear that you can still pan gold there in the creek that runs thru town.
It was a trip full of color, laughter and inspiration. One I'd like to return to right now on this cold grey day. I'm glad I have this inspiration to turn too. Between the warm wood stove and these pictures I should be able to figure out the next warp for my loom.

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  1. Ricky Hanson Says:

    Ricky Hanson says, beautiful images.