The Arts In RI Group Shop

Have you seen it? It's amazing.

The Arts In RI Holiday Etsy shop is up and in full swing. Items from all of the Arts In RI members are on the shelves and ready to ship to you, your loved ones, etc.

Here is a sampling of the beautiful items that would make great gifts for just about anyone:

Southwestern Swirls-Mosaic Pendant

Box Art Supply Desk Organizer

Albino Blue Jay - 8x8 Photograph Print

Peaceful Birdy Print

Oh and did I mention, that if you use the code "AIRblog" during the check out you get 20% off your order? Yes... that's right! Our beloved readers get this special deal! GO! SHOP!
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2 Responses
  1. Valerie Says:

    I LOVE that print by Sick Feet! Great selection of items.