Art and Inspiration

You don't need to look far for inspiration. A glance outside your window. A sound, scent or memory...inspiration is everywhere.

Tree of Genetic Traits is one of my favorite found object assemblages. You can see it in my Etsy shop, MalcolmStudioShop. The inspiration for this piece came from an NPR report about the work of mathematician Professor Nalini Nadkarni. Using satellite images from NASA, Professor Nadkarni estimates there are 61 trees per person on the planet. While that sounds good, here in the U.S. the Professor says we're using well more than our allotment. it genetic? NO, we can all plant a tree, upcycle, recyle and reuse!

Inspired by one of my favorite childhood TV shows, "Lost in Space," I subtitled the piece "Dr. Smith Comes Down to Earth." Why? It often seems that our space program is all about escaping the planet, and so, I was inspired that Professor Nadkarni used NASA's work to HELP the planet. You can read more about Professor Nadkarni by clicking here.

Sometimes, inspiration comes from just one word. Arts in RI memberJulie Beck, of JulieBCreative, challenged AiRI members to create an original piece inspired by the word "harmony." Immediately I thought about social harmony, and how creative discord is an important means to achieving it...This found object assemblage, "Creative Discord," is the result. Creative Discord will be finished soon and available in the ArtsinRI team shop for sale.

In the meantime, you can see other AiRI team members' responses to the Harmony challenge by visiting the ArtsinRI team shop on Etsy or search on Etsy using the term ArtsinRI team harmony.
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