"Harmony" challenge - juliebcreative

Recently we all agreed on the theme "Harmony" for this creative challenge. Sarah has already posted her item, and I believe I'm the next to be done with an item. This painting was aptly named by my grandfather as "Tootie Fruitie"! The hardest part was getting the harmonica to look right. This is not listed in my shop yet but if you're interested in purchasing please contact me.

Stay Tuned for more Arts In RI "Harmony" Themed items!

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5 Responses
  1. wow what a great job!! i love the cherries and i bet the harmonica was hard to paint but you made it look so awesome!

  2. markaplan Says:

    great pic of the painting and the subject matter together... très intéressant...

  3. Karen Says:

    Julie, this is gorgeous!

  4. Valerie Says:

    Very nice, Julie!

  5. Jenifer Says:

    So cool that your doing what works for you and saving some dough too!

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