A Valentine's To Love

Arts In RI team members decided to creatively challenge one another to embrace the season of love with Valentine themed products. Between now and Valentine's Day we will share some of these "lovely" designs with you here on our blog. Let us know how you feel about our art by leaving a comment. Everyone who leaves a comment will be entered into a random drawing for an Arts In RI gift basket featuring goodies from many of our shops. (one entry per person per post. In other words you can enter once every time we post a new product!!!) Be sure to check back on the blog on Valentine's Day as we will announce the winner that day. Entries will be accepted until midnight February 13th.

Have you ever fallen in love with something at first sight? That's how I felt when I saw this classy Valentine themed clutch made by Linda of Alamodestuff. The fabric is velvet flocked red taffeta. Linda said of the fabric: "When I saw it, I simply had to have it. I wasn't sure what I was going to make, but I bought it anyway. After staring at it for days, I decided that it would make the perfect clutch for a little black dress. The shape was inspired by the purses of the 1940s. It reminds me of a time when women wore evening gloves with their fancy little bags." Check out Linda's shop for this item as well as other wonderful items with urban appeal.
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61 Responses
  1. Sixsisters Says:

    What a beautiful clutch !!!

  2. Lori Says:

    Wonderful clutch ~ very original! Looks like it feels scrumptious.

  3. FABULOUS clutch! It is a perfect accessory to jazz up a little black dress or to take out on the town with sexy jeans and heels!

  4. Vidia2Be Says:

    thats a great trendy clutch!!!

  5. zebuladesign Says:

    these colors are really beautiful.

  6. Bella Lili Says:

    I love textured purses, especially clutches.

  7. M Says:

    What wonderful talent Linda! The clutch is absolutely beautiful, move over "designer" bags!

  8. Cat Says:

    I like making bags too. I love the red fabric.

  9. gmistudio Says:

    beautiful clutch, love the fabric !!!

  10. That clutch is very beautiful and classy looking! Great job!


  11. This is a beautiful clutch, this would look amazing paired with a red dress on a sweet evening out!

  12. l'actrice Says:

    I adore this wonderful clutch made by Linda!


  13. joonbeam Says:

    So warm and inviting on a cold mid-winter's day! Lovely.

  14. deeHAYmer Says:

    The clutch is super cute! Great fabric pattern and shape!

  15. Yes! And I've definitely fallen in love with that cute clutch! :) I like the different textured, black satin on the inside.

  16. Genelle Says:

    What a beautiful, quality made clutch! You're very talented!

  17. windycindy Says:

    Your work is very unique and eclectic! Love it.....The bowling bag, jewelry creations and switchplate covers are all fabulous. Please enter me in your drawing for the lovely clutch. Many thanks, Cindi

  18. missknits Says:

    what a fun way to challenge one another! look forward to seeing everyones items!

  19. Diana Says:

    I so love that clutch. You are right, it does look 40's.

  20. paintingpam Says:

    Great idea for promotion. RI always has fantastic arts!

  21. judybrittle Says:

    That is so gorgeous! I would feel so dressy! Thank you so much!

  22. wonderful fabric and beautiful clutch

  23. Teri.p Says:

    Awesome clutch! Linda has some other great stuff in her shop - love the Einstein bookmark.

  24. Lea Avroch Says:

    I love the red swirls in the fabric & I'm awestruck at the talent it took to make that into a clutch. Great accessory to dress up a little black dress!

  25. JuliaA Says:

    the clutch is stunning. i took a look at her shop and she has a great eye for design. the woven seat belt messenger bag is cleverly made and it's really striking!

  26. Vivien Says:

    Wow, that red color is so eye-catching. Any woman would feel so sassy using it.


  27. UrbanDesigns Says:

    I only wish I had such talent!

  28. Joy Says:

    Thats totally gorgeous fabric, I am not surprised you had to have it.

  29. NewYorkMemos Says:

    You guys make such beautiful items! Gorgeous I say, Gorgeous!

    I reall love ElysianField nature artwork. It's truly amazing!


  30. janil Says:

    SO Beautiful!!!!!!

  31. Celeste Says:


    contact me at:

  32. Chloe Says:

    This IS cute...love it.


  33. Gloria Says:

    Love this clutch - I like the pleating on it a lot.


  34. Shelley K. Says:

    Gorgeous! The colors and the pleating really make the bag.

    Thanks for a great giveaway.

    tskrush (at) cox (dot) net

  35. This is such a beautiful, creative bag. I love the soft look and feel of the fabric juxtaposed against the bold fabric. Looks like it would be lovely to hold on to! Thanks!

  36. Marigold Says:

    What shocks me about this clutch is how deliciously addordable it is. I'll have to drop a few hints to the boy...


  37. rimaak Says:

    Another fabulous fabric bag from
    a la mode... just beautiful!

  38. Emily Says:

    That is one fantastic clutch - definitely makes a statement!


  39. That clutch is gorgeous!

  40. Nelsby Says:

    This bag is just gorgeous...it would make a wonderful birthday gift...I'm a Valentine's baby :o)

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  41. That purse is definately gorgeous. Very feminine.

    rasberryswrlgirl at hotmail dot coms

  42. Reeva Says:

    Very mod and classy. I'd love to win it

  43. Such a beautiful clutch. I can see someone carrying this on a Valentine's Day dinner at one of the upscale restaurants in Providence.

  44. l'actrice Says:

    I still adore this wonderful clutch made by Linda!


    Please can you unsuscribe m, so I don't get all new messages in my folder!


  45. How pretty! I love the design. It's exquisite!

    mel_88_88 at hotmail dot com

  46. Manhattan Says:

    Lovely! Such a delightful clutch to carry around. Thumbs up!


  47. Amandine Says:

    Fabulous clutch! I also the black bowling bag with the flower and pretty much everything in your shop.

  48. greeneginger Says:

    I love the bright colors and the awesome designs that you make:)


  49. Teresa Jane Says:

    I can relate with her feeling over the fabric. I have a stash of just that, fabric, that I will never know what to do with. But I just couldn't resist. And I don't even sew much. :)

    The clutch she made from the fabric is exquisite. I can picture myself with it, wearing my long black vintage gown.

    Thanks for hosting this great giveaway. I will be back to see the others.

  50. CathyH Says:

    Great work..amazing to be able to sew a clutch! Love the 1940's too!

  51. Donna Says:

    I it looks cute.