Artsinri Father's Day Contest

Does the father in your life have everything? Well I'll bet he doesn't have a boro beaded key made by yours truly! He needs one ya know. That's ok because you just might be able to win one. For your Dad, who has held the key to your heart since you were little. For your husband who may hold the key to other places that turn you on and make you go vroom...( ok this is a G rated blog, got to keep it clean ladies.) Anyway for all the men and Dad's in your life this key pendant with a perfect blue borosilicate glass striped bead made in the torch of Paula McDonough of The Venerable Bead can be yours. How you ask? Easy. Search through all the wonderful shops of the Arts In RI members. You will find a list of us on the right hand side of this blog. Search the shops for the blue, ( yes I said blue not orange) Artsinri Father's day logo. It will be hidden in ONE shop's featured items. When you have found it convo me the name of the shop and the item name and number where you have found it and I will enter you into a random drawing to held on Wednesday June 11th. Entries will be accepted up until midnight on Tuesday, June 1oth. This key is a genuine vintage steel skeleton key approximately 2 1/2 inches in length. The borosilicate bead was made directly on the shaft of the key. The bead does spin and move on the key. It has been strung on 18 inches of rawhide with a lobster clasp. (the winner can let me know the exact length desired) It makes a great pendant but for the more conservative guy a keychain is another option. Hurry, what are you waiting for? Go see our beautiful shops!!!
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1 Response
  1. Hi! I just wanted to thank you all for a wonderful contest. I've participated in your teams contests before and I always have so much fun looking for your logo and the items that are in each shop.
    I'm so excited to have won the The Venerable Bead pendant and I will be gifting it to my husband for our 10th anniversary. Thank you, again!